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Featured Customers

  1. “Site performance is one of the most critical parts of the reader experience. Simply put, it has to be fast. With EdgeCast, we know our sites are loading at top speed, no matter where our readers are in the world.”
    — Tom Cochran, CTO, The Atlantic
  2. "I know 100%, without a doubt, that with EdgeCast, we're going to be able to keep up with spikes in traffic. I'm not going to worry about anything going down."
    — Dan Plumlee, Digital Media Dir., Colts
  3. "It’s been a delight getting our systems put together with EdgeCast. All the scaling issues – be it 300 remote employees or 500 million Firefox users – go away with EdgeCast."
    — Zandr Milewski, Air Mozilla
  4. "When you look at all the offerings of a CDN, and include the customer relationships, excellent customer support, EdgeCast goes above and beyond what we're looking for."
    — David McCroskey, VP Global Customer Operations, Innopath
  5. "The ability to consume the content in different regions of the world is very important. EdgeCast gives us that scalability without us having to build out that network."
    — Bruce Wang, Director of Engineering, Twistage
  6. "EdgeCast enables us to efficiently consolidate this huge library of audio assets into a secure environment, and dramatically improves the customers' experience of our audio assets with high speed, performance, and availability."
    — Barak Moffitt, CTO, EMI Music
  7. "A few of the things we like about the EdgeCast network are, number one, its scalability..."
    — Keith Richman, CEO, Break Media
  8. "...when we call EdgeCast, we usually get an engineer on the other side of the line who can help us right away."
    — Shailen Mistry, VP of Engineering, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
  9. "EdgeCast met all of our requirements quickly and professionally... the performance boost from EdgeCast has been incredible, and our site is now providing quicker response times than top sites such as MSN, CNN, and Wikipedia."
    — Maya Iyengar, VP technology,
  10. "We tested multiple CDN provider and ultimately settled on EdgeCast as being the best. In our A/B testing scenarios EdgeCast's videos always come up faster."
    — Dave Winters, CTO, Oculu
  11. "When an ad is being served into a publisher's website, it has to be immediate, we can't lose the user's attention for just a moment. We have to make sure that it is seamless. That's what we experience when we work with EdgeCast."
    — Gregory Nichols, VP Digital Advertising, RED Interactive Agency
  12. "Everyone we've talked to at EdgeCast has been amazing. The service has been outstanding. Not only is the technology good, but you also have a great team that goes along with it, and that's rare in this industry."
    — John Schaffer, Sr. Director of Finance and Operations, BiteSizeTV
  13. EdgeCast has been very good at accommodating us with our special circumstances, with our traffic growth, with how we've been growing. What EdgeCast was able to do with us was to custom tailor a plan that worked well for our needs and being able to grow with us.
    — Premesh Purayil, CTO, Ranker
  14. I like to think of EdgeCast as one of my secret weapons; I refer all of my clients to EdgeCast. Dollar for dollar, I think it is one of the best investments an online retailer can make.
    — Jason Meugniot, CEO, Guidance
  15. "Within our organization we recognize the value of having really bright people that can provide great customer service. When we talk to the sales staff and the engineers at EdgeCast, we recognize the same level of excellence, and that means a lot to our team."
    — Bill Sewell, Co-Founder & Co-President, Wiredrive
  16. "Speed is one of the biggest factors for us. Being able to have EdgeCast there to do the content delivery at the most optimal speed for us is really crucial."
    — Amy Zhou, Director of Product Management,
  17. "We are the biggest ad buyer on YouTube in the world. Choosing EdgeCast was a natural choice for us because of the different technical approach the company is taking with its network. They have shown all the performance and results that we needed."
    — Nicolas Brousse, Director of Operations Engineering, TubeMogul
  18. "500.000.000 users spread throughout the world receive Bitdefender protection in real time. Verizon’s CDN service is the “unbelievable” behind “unbelievably fast response time”!"
    — Ciprian Istrate, Global Marketing Director, Bitdefender

Our Customers

From the busiest social media sites to emerging e-commerce companies, more than 6,000 companies trust EdgeCast for their caching, streaming, and site acceleration needs.

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