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We Sliced Fruit Ninja's Load Time In Half

About Halfbrick:

  • Founded in 2001
  • Fruit Ninja Frenzy is one of Facebook's most popular games
  • Created titles for consoles, mobile devices, and online
  • Newest title is Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick is a different type of game studio.

They are headquartered in Australia. They have successfully transitioned from creating licensed console games to developing their own notable original franchises. And they are thriving as a successful indie game studio at a time when it seems only the mega-mainstream game publishers can survive.

Halfbrick's meteoric rise has been aided in part by the popularity of their flagship franchise, Fruit Ninja. Their Facebook iteration of the game, Fruit Ninja Frenzy, is one of the platform's most popular games, with more than a million fans and an average of 5 million players each month.

Since Facebook's pool of users is the largest in the world, a game can go viral on their platform almost instantly. So, with success in this realm comes a great need for bandwidth and scalability. Most video game publishers don't have the infrastructure to handle the demands of a game that becomes popular on Facebook. And gaming is all about the experience – if your game has any lag at all, players will have a poor experience and be very unlikely to keep playing.

Halfbrick games are all about a rich user experience, replete with beautiful, detailed graphics, great music, and fast gameplay - so performance is essential. Halfbrick turned to EdgeCast to make sure they could seamlessly deliver a superb gaming experience to their millions of players around the world. Utilizing the EdgeCast global content delivery network, they were able to achieve just that, as Fruit Ninja Frenzy sustained record user growth while maintaining an excellent player experience.

On the heels of their success with Fruit Ninja Frenzy, Halfbrick is also using EdgeCast to serve their new title, Jetpack Joyride.

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