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UK's premiere CDN

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  • Dramatically speed up your entire web site - images, files, and other media
  • Increase user loyalty and satisfaction
  • Improve your search rankings
  • Deploy and host your applications on our global network

If you're a web-site owner in search of a high-speed content delivery network (CDN) and/or streaming service provider from, to, or within the UK, EdgeCast Networks has the CDN solution for you. Our CDN has Points of Presence (POPs) in major cities throughout the world, including two locations in London, and provides our customers with premium, high-speed, global web distribution both within and without the United Kingdom.

UK - Webcasting and Live Events

Video sites take special advantage of EdgeCast's streaming support for Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight and Move Networks. Videos streamed by EdgeCast's CDN are crisp and clear whether they're viewed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Continental Europe, Asia or America.

Live event producers use the EdgeCast CDN to broadcast their shows, lectures, sermons, meetings and conferences to web-connected global audiences both inside and outside the UK.

The EdgeCast CDN is a premium ecommerce delivery platform. By accelerating ecommerce sites, we enhance the online shopping experience for customers while decreasing the number of abandoned shopping carts and increasing conversion rates and ROI.

Online game companies in the UK are increasingly turning to EdgeCast for global game distribution. We have made incomplete game downloads and sluggish game reaction times problems of the past.

In general, rich digital media of all types can benefit from EdgeCast's CDN services. Content owners such as IMAX Films, EMI Music,,,, Lionsgate Films, and hundreds of others, all use EdgeCast for the high-speed distribution of their web sites, why don't you?

CDN Solutions

  • Media and Entertainment

    Say good-bye to choppy video and stuttering music. Say hello to crystal-clear, instant-on, high fidelity.

  • Live Events

    From conferences to concerts, we'll bring your event to the world as a high-def, lag-free experience.

  • Gaming

    Keep them playing longer by delivering a real-time, lag-free experience.

  • Whole Site Acceleration

    Make your entire site load much faster than it ever could with a traditional web host.

  • E-Commerce

    A faster e-commerce site means better search engine rankings, more customers, and more profit.

  • Wholesale CDN

    Offer your customers global CDN without the hassles.

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