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There comes a time when your website needs to grow.

Your blog is receiving an unprecedented amount of daily traffic. Your video hosting website is streaming more videos per hour than ever. Customers are purchasing products on your e-commerce site by the minute. Regardless of the scenario, you're experiencing a strain on your server unlike ever before, making your site unbearably slow.

You need to push your website to the edge.

EdgeCast's content delivery network (CDN) is optimized for all of the situations above. Our global load balancing solution is a fancy way to say that we have set up the world's fastest servers on four continents to accelerate your website's performance. Your content will be delivered by the closest server to your visitors and customers alike from the furthest reaches of the globe. This means much faster page loads, high quality media that plays instantly (and keeps playing), lightning-fast file downloads, and quicker transactions for any user.

So complete the form to the right - or start a live chat with one of our CDN experts - and take our network on a test flight with a free trial CDN. You'll quickly discover why brands such as Yahoo!, WordPress, jetBlue, LinkedIn, and more than 1,500 others are already on board with one of the world's top content delivery providers, EdgeCast Networks.


A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of servers strategically placed across a network to host your website or other content. When an end user looks to access that website or content, the CDN will route them to the closest server for maximum bandwidth, rather than to a central server that is likely to get bottlenecked or provide slower delivery for customers a great distance away.


Simply put, anyone looking to make their website faster can benefit from a CDN. Whether you operate a blog, e-commerce site, provide files for download, or stream events live, a CDN's far reach of servers will always have content for your visitors close by, and the speed and quality of the servers will ensure fast delivery time regardless of size and scale of your traffic.

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EdgeCast has made lightning-fast load times possible for our millions of users around the world.
—Paul Kim, WordPress
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