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Our Patents

EdgeCast holds a license for more than 30 issued and pending patents covering a broad range of methods and techniques.

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Our Network

Objects Served This Year: More Than 3 Trillion


    25% faster than other CDNs Global footprint: 20 points of presence; 4 continents User networks interconnected with our CDN coming soon: live CDN performance feeds

    We Built A Better Network

    We designed our content delivery network [CDN] for the web of today - a web brimming with rich media, and millions of users who demand a high-quality, instant-on experience. Legacy approaches simply wouldn't do.

    • content delivery network - CDN Map Location Map

      We took a new approach. We identified a smaller number of strategic global locations near primary Internet Exchange Points, and built supercharged points of presence we call SuperPOPs. more

    • CDN Peering Peering

      Not only have we placed our POPs inside the very data centers where the major backbone providers peer with each other, we've also signed peering agreements with many of the major carriers. more

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