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EdgeCast has made lightning-fast load times possible for our millions of users around the world.
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Our Services

  • Caching

    From whole sites to mobile, our acceleration and delivery services will bring you to the world's digital doorstep. more

  • Application Delivery

    Accelerate delivery of your web applications and non-static content. more

  • Streaming

    Flash, Silverlight, or HTTP – live or on-demand, we'll deliver it better than anyone. more

  • Analytics

    Total and immediate visibility into content performance and the user experience. more

  • Storage

    Origin is more than just CDN storage. Security, replication, and caching infrastructures mean massive scale at ultra-fast speeds. more

  • Data Center

    Expand your footprint by deploying hardware and applications within our optimized facilities. more

  • Security

    Our powerful security tools protect your content and applications from unauthorized use. more

  • Rules Engine

    This powerful new tool gives you highly granular control over how, when - and even if - your content is served. more

  • Edge Optimizer

    Powered by Google PageSpeed, Edge Optimizer keeps your application's data and logic off of your network. more

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