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  • Global reach without the capital cost

    EdgeCast gives you access to the world's best edge network without the cost and hassle of building one.

  • Satisfied, Impressed customers

    Our ultra-fast global delivery means a superior user experience regardless of the end user's location. Intelligent global load balancing ensures content is always delivered from the server that is fastest for each user.

  • Guaranteed performance and delivery

    Our cutting-edge storage and caching infrastructure means your applications and content will be delivered.

  • Search engine optimization

    Major search engines now include site performance in their ranking calculus. The blazing speeds possible with EdgeCast can improve your rankings, traffic, and revenue.

  • Make it your own

    Whether a busy eCommerce site or a premier streaming video destination, our CDN is optimized for every type of content delivery.

  • Solid infrastructure

    Cutting-edge hardware paired with the best content delivery software in the industry, your content is stored flexibly and securely across the globe.

  • Massive Scale

    Scale quickly, without worrying about host capacity, to accommodate flash crowds or other surges in demand.

  • Super-Fast Global Load Balancing

    One of the fastest DNS infrastructures in the world means servers waste no time deciding where to serve content from.

  • Intelligent Platform

    Serves small files from RAM and large files from disk to ensure maximum performance.

  • Web Based Control Panel

    Our user-friendly, browser-based Media Control Center lets you easily log in from anywhere and manage your content.

  • Flexible Origin Server Options

    Store content with EdgeCast or on your own hardware and cache automatically as needed.

  • The Industry's Best Analytics

    Our EC360 Analytics Suite gives you detailed visibility to better understand your audience and optimize the user experience.

  • Powerful Security

    Robust security features prevent hotlinking, piracy, and other forms of content theft. Deploy custom SSL certificates quickly and easily.

  • Make Your Own Rules

    Our powerful HTTP Rules Engine gives you highly granular control over how, when - and even if - your content is served..

  • Manage Your Downloads

    Our Download Manager helps you deliver globally-cached files to your users in a flexible, intelligent, and interactive way.

  • Always-On Support

    Our support is as reliable as our network. Prompt, passionate, perpetual. Reach us anytime, day or night.

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