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  • Protect your brand

    Prevent others from using your content in their contexts.

  • Stay in license

    Whether you need to restrict access by country, title, or date, spare yourself headaches and liabilities with precise control.

  • Business alignment

    Align your digital security implementation with your exact business needs by building your own custom delivery rules.

  • PCI compliance

    Protect financial and transactional information with the highest level of PCI compliance.

  • Segregated network

    We built an entirely separate and secure CDN dedicated solely to eCommerce traffic.

  • Secure HTTP

    Full support for encrypted and authenticated HTTPS. Enhance our standard HTTPS delivery with a wide range of custom security certificates.

  • Broad authentication options

    Token authentication, SWF authentication, and RTMPE let you restrict access by IP, TTL, URL, location, or referrer.

  • Rules-based delivery

    Our HTTP Rules Engine lets you build your own custom set of access rules.

  • Analytics-powered security

    Our EC360 Analytics Suite gives you the detailed visibility you need to effectively police your site.


  • Always-On Support

    Our support is as reliable as our network. Prompt, passionate, perpetual. Reach us anytime, day or night.

  • DDoS mitigation

    Our robust IP Anycast and Rules Engine systems provide sophisticated DDoS mitigation strategies to keep you up and running.

  • SSL delivery

    Whether single hostname, wildcard, SAN, Extended Validation, or any other type of SSL certificate, we support it all.

  • Active failover & redundancy

    When degradation along one path occurs, our platform automatically routes requests along the next-best path.

  • Network Security Freeze

    We'll never roll out significant changes to our platform during the busiest eCommerce periods, such as the holiday season, to ensure maximum stability.

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