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  • Leverage and maximize the potential of Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Deliver uninterrupted, 1080p High-Definition video
  • Make the most of EdgeCast's global load balancing

The goal of every successful streaming video site is to be able to deliver the highest quality video possible, as fast as possible. EdgeCast's global load balancing in tandem with Microsoft's Smooth Streaming technology provides just that solution.

Microsoft's Smooth Streaming technology has proven to be one of the most viable options for streaming video hubs to deliver their high quality content, as it continuously senses changing bandwidth and CPU performance on the user's end, adjusting the stream accordingly. Users with high bandwidth receive the highest quality stream possible, while those with lower bandwidth still receive an uninterrupted experience.

The best way to realize the power of Smooth Streaming is through the EdgeCast network's global load balancing platform. This technology routes the user to the closest streaming server geographically, allowing Smooth Streaming to deliver more high-bandwidth content. EdgeCast and Smooth Streaming further go hand-in-hand as the technology leverages our optimized "HTTP Large Object" platform, specially configured to deliver larger media files optimally.

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