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Common eCommerce objectives...

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Prevent 3rd party applications from slowing site down
  • Elasticity and scale to handle holiday traffic and flash crowds
  • Protect site from attacks
  • Avoid code changes during critical seasons

The challenges of maintaining a modern, successful eCommerce site are bigger than ever.

Your site needs to be fast to prevent shopping cart abandonment and to avoid being slowed down by third-party applications. Your site needs to be scalable to withstand both predictable holiday traffic and unpredictable flash crowds. And finally, your site needs to be secure to make sure users and their information is always protected. Until now, disparate tools have been used to manage these various needs and challenges.

Our Commerce solution was purpose-built with the world’s leading eCommerce websites in mind. We carefully bundled a comprehensive suite of services that address important business objectives like site speed, scalability, mobile, and security, while also enabling site owners to follow industry best practices, all in one single destination.


  • Transact

    With PCI certification and a holiday lockdown schedule to reduce potential interruptions during the busiest times of year, Verizon’s dedicated and secure platform is purpose-built to meet the business objectives of the world’s busiest commerce sites.

  • Protect

    Along with speed, your customers expect a completely secure shopping experience. This suite of advanced content protection solutions including SSL encryption and geo-filtering ensure that your content is served with the highest levels of security.

  • Compute

    The best online shopping experiences are the most personalized ones. Take control over how your customers interact with your content by pushing application logic and intelligence to the edge with features like token authentication and mobile device detection.

  • Analyze

    The best commerce sites are continuously improving with actionable intelligence. Analyze provides a wealth of constantly-updated information, from user demographics to bandwidth utilization. On the go? Our real-time stats mobile app will help you keep an eye on performance.

  • Develop

    Our technology never gets in the way of your processes or your work at creating the best possible user experience. Our APIs, rules, plugins, and other capabilities allow creative and seamless custom logic at the edge and nearly infinite integration potential.

  • Store

    Speed matters to your customers, so get extra assurance of content availability and better performance by replicating your origin storage across a geographically distributed footprint. This enables secure and seamless connectivity to our lightning-fast global delivery platform.

  • Route

    DNS infrastructure is an often overlooked yet critical component of making sure a site is fast and always available. Route leverages the global distribution of our DNS POPs and the capacity and redundancy of our network to provide resilience against DDoS attacks and localized Internet failures.

  • Support

    Time is money, so our US-based support is available 24/7/365. Leverage our experts to help you maintain and support increasingly critical applications and technologies, implementation of our services and solutions, or customization specific to your site's needs.

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