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  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Protect payment and other financial information with the highest level of PCI certification
  • Increase your average order size
  • Significantly improve the "findability" of your products
  • Achieve 100 percent availability and stability – we align our network’s operating policies with eCommerce business cycles, conducting code freezes during the busiest shopping times

eCommerce isn’t easy. Bursts of traffic. Thousands of products, and hundreds of thousands of assets. Dynamic elements. Security issues. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Annual sales. Getting mentioned on Oprah. Presenting content in the right currency and right language.

Through all of these challenges, customers expect your site to be very fast. If it isn’t, they’ll leave - and take their money with them. A slow site is deadly for conversion rates; just 1/4 of a second can mean the difference between you and a competitor. You also need rock-solid security to protect your customers, your brand, and your bottom line.

Meeting these demands required a completely new network built just for eCommerce. Not a rehash or rebranding of an existing network, but a secure, purpose-built, PCI-compliant, blazing-fast network for eCommerce. So, we built one. At the heart of the EdgeCast Transact solution is our Commerce Acceleration Network, built from the ground up specifically to meet the demands of the world’s busiest eCommerce sites.

  • Caching Platform

    The world's fastest and most trusted caching platform, leveraged and fine-tuned for the specific needs of the world's busiest and most complex eCommerce websites. Learn more

  • World-class Security

    EdgeCast Transact is fully PCI Level 1-compliant, qualified to handle the most sensitive traffic. We also offer custom SSL certificates that integrate seamlessly into our global network. Learn more

  • Customization

    Customize the user experience with complex, dynamic application logic at the edge of the network, with integration into virtually any application, authentication, or personalization environment. Learn more

  • Front-end Optimization (FEO)

    Our Edge Optimizer – powered by Google PageSpeed – is the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive front-end optimization tool, running directly on our edge servers. Learn more

  • Device Detection

    Transact’s edge device detection lets you serve device-formatted content automatically, saving bandwidth and dramatically improving the end user experience. Learn more

  • EC360 Analytics

    To keep your site performing – and selling – at its best, you also need deep insight into your users and their experience, so Transact includes access to our best-in-the-industry analytics suite. Learn more

Contact us today When your site loads lightning-fast, your users – and the search engines – will love you. That means new shoppers will find you and your existing customers will keep coming back. Regardless of the end user’s device or location, EdgeCast Transact will help you be found, be fast, and be secure.

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