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Game Delivery

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  • Maintain 100% reliability and uptime for online gaming
  • Get instant high-quality picture and sound experience
  • Optimize your site to support millions of users

Your online game is more popular than ever – a growing base of users around the world are playing at all hours of the day. Meanwhile, your development team is constantly improving your game – making it bigger and more immersive than ever. Your users are engaging with rich downloadable content, and in-game commerce is keeping your booming storefront very busy.

This is a great position to be in – but can your network keep up?

An excellent and memorable online gaming experience requires a lightning-fast round trip back to the gaming server. This is impossible with traditional web hosts, and building your own global network is beyond the scope of all but the largest companies.

Our gaming delivery solutions let you deploy your game servers on our network in minutes, ensuring the best possible performance for players around the world.

Our caching platform will deliver static content at lightning-fast speeds, and our game-tuned Application Delivery Network will serve your game's dynamic elements with the same speed and reliability as cached content.

A real-time, lag-free, up-to-date gaming experience will grow your audience and keep them playing longer – which means a stronger brand and an even stronger bottom line. Our solutions are ready to make you better today.

Our Game Delivery Customers

EdgeCast makes sure we can deliver an excellent gaming experience to every player, no matter where they are in the world.
—Stephen Tucker, CEO, World Online Gaming League
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