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Electronic Software Delivery

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  • Offload your content to our servers
  • Ensure fast, error-free file delivery
  • Quickly distribute critical updates to millions
  • Pay for storage and bandwidth only when you need it

Software delivery and distribution is a unique challenge that - oddly enough - is not something a software company should have to focus on. There are features to be added, bugs to be squashed, and deadlines to meet. Even if you wanted to, building, maintaining, and managing your own infrastructure to support the logistics of delivering and updating your product would be a huge and expensive distraction.

Software delivery has its own set of requirements and challenges from security and speed to the need for massive scale - sometimes with very little notice.

We built our content delivery platform with these considerations in mind. Our strategically-located SuperPOPs serve your software lightning-fast, and our intelligent DNS and global load balancing will automatically direct end users to download your software from the server ideal for them. Our robust security services ensure your intellectual property is distributed only to those you've authorized. So, when that urgent patch needs to be pushed to millions of devices, you can breathe easy knowing that we've architected a network with the capacity, scale, and features to deliver.

Focus on building your software - and we'll focus on getting it to your customers securely, quickly, and the moment you're ready.

Our Software Delivery Customers

  • Sunbelt Software
  • Parallels
  • AVG
  • innoPath

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