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  • Dramatically speed up your entire web site - images, files, and other media
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Competition is fierce. Attention spans are short. At the same time, your web site seems to be getting bigger and bigger - loading objects and images from several locations - and unfortunately, that means delays.

To complicate matters, major search engines are penalizing sites that load too slowly. And despite the fact (some might say because) broadband penetration is at an all-time high, users are experiencing unprecedented upstream congestion due to traffic jams along the public internet. Fast end-user connections do little good when a site isn't serving content fast enough.

Most web sites load their images and files from the same server in the same location, then sprinkle in some video or audio from other locations, and scripts or applications from others. This is complicated enough, even without accounting for the huge, unpredictable variety of end user locations.

To make your site perform its best, your content needs to be optimized for the fastest possible loading times regardless of the end user location. Ideally, if they're in Sydney, your files and images are served to them from a server in Sydney. London? London. Amsterdam? Amsterdam. You get the idea. Even better if that server is directly connected to the network that user is connected to - because then, your content never has to traverse the public internet. These two differences - geographical and network proximity - are the two most important factors in how quickly a user sees your site.

There are, of course, many other factors. Some things are better served from RAM; some from disk. There'll be unpredictable spikes in demand ("flash crowds"), and there'll be quiet times. We've built our caching platform - consistently ranked among the fastest in the industry - with all of this in mind, which is why our customers have screaming-fast web sites. It's why some of the largest, busiest web sites in the world -, Pinterest, and Tumblr, to name a few - count on us to keep their sites loading super fast for all their users ... everywhere.

In order to perfect your site's performance, you also need deep insight into your users and their experience. Where they come from, how long they stay, how well your content performs for them, errors they encountered, and so on - all of this is critical information that most site owners overlook. This is why our site acceleration solutions include access to our best-in-the-industry analytics suite.

When every object on your site loads lightning-fast, your users - and the search engines - will love you. And if they love you, they'll keep coming back.

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EdgeCast has made lightning-fast load times possible for our millions of users around the world.
—Paul Kim, WordPress
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