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June 3, 2021

Verizon Media and Cleeng: 4 steps for maximizing live sports streaming

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Edgecast.

By Benedicte Guichard, Head of Marketing, Cleeng

Over the past few years, we’ve seen entertainment shift from TV screens to mobile devices. There are two primary reasons for this change. First, technological innovation. Small devices can do more than ever before. The quality of streaming content on mobile devices has improved dramatically. And network infrastructure continued to advance both in reach, capacity and performance. Second, consumer preference. Viewers are no longer satisfied with one-size-fits-all viewing experiences that tie them to the couch. They want content relevant to their likes and desires that can be viewed everywhere they are on every device.

One significant benefit to this movement is it enables broadcasters to take control of their future. The time of traditional television being the reigning power in the entertainment industry, showing only the most popular sporting events or teams, is over. Today, any content producer can directly share even the most niche and unique content with their fan base.

While the benefits of live OTT content are clear, the means of setting up these online services are now entirely up to content producers. Identifying and formalizing the success factors is a good way to establish a winning platform for sharing live sports events.

Building a successful live OTT platform

There are four critical steps for maximizing the potential of live events.

  1. Stream: You must release high-quality content that viewers can enjoy on any device.
  2. Monetize: You must offer viewers a secure way to pay on their preferred payment system.
  3. Support: You must be ready to handle all inquiries and potential complaints as quickly as possible.
  4. Analyze: You must leverage a dashboard that can aggregate analytics so you can act on the insights provided by the data to create better viewing experiences.

Every one of these steps is required for an OTT platform to thrive. Unfortunately, in the rush to get to market, many publishers do not invest the time and resources required to identify a solution provider for each of the above steps. Fortunately, there are end-to-end solutions available.

Verizon Media and Cleeng have come together to create an end-to-end solution for live content to help you drive growth. With Verizon Media’s innovative streaming technology and Cleeng providing entitlement management, offer management, tax collection, billing, and support, this collaboration of services expertly addresses all four of the above requirements for success.

Sports organizations that partner with Verizon Media and Cleeng gain access to:

  • Industry-leading streaming software for audiences of all sizes
  • A seamlessly integrated checkout toolset, fully customizable to individual branding
  • 24 x 7 specialized customer support team with groundbreaking AI linguistic tools
  • Detailed performance analytics on content and coupon consumption

With all technical and financial logistics covered, broadcasters can focus purely on enriching their content and building relationships with OTT viewers.

Mixing business models

Many sports broadcasters are sprinting to present their content online with the hope of quick returns on investment and high audience engagement. But it remains essential to consider the recurring revenue possibilities.

One benefit to working with Verizon Media and Cleeng, who have a rich background in online content, is the possibility of a mixed business model. Through Cleeng’s specialization in live PPV events and subscription management and Verizon Media’s massive network bandwidth, broadcasters can choose between a range of monetization models. For example:

  1. Jumpstart your brand with one-off live events to test and gather insights on your audience.
  2. Sell both one-off live events as well as season passes for multiple events.
  3. Offer subscribers the flexibility of choice with multiple options and adapted price points: one-off events, seasonal passes, or annual subscriptions.

With Cleeng and Verizon Media, broadcasters can accommodate the preferences of their fan base. Whether that be price point, payment method, or consumption device.

Work with the live OTT experts

As the sports entertainment industry becomes more dependent on live OTT, finding a quick and frictionless broadcasting strategy is essential. Establishing and releasing your content using an integrated streaming solution is guaranteed to make your life easier and deployment faster so you can quickly build and retain audiences, maximize the value of content and reduce customer churn.

With the Verizon Media and Cleeng integrated solution, you can launch your service in weeks and offer viewers high-quality content with an adaptable business model, on any device, at any moment. It’s the ultimate win-win for your brand and your viewers.

Read this blog to learn more about the benefits of Cleeng’s integration into the Verizon Media Platform.

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