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November 18, 2020

How to launch a profitable OTT business in weeks

By John Reigart, Principal Product Manager, Verizon Media

The OTT market and demand for streaming services has never been stronger. OTT revenue is projected to reach $167 billion by 2025.* The global pandemic has increased streaming engagement across the board. Viewership is expected to increase further as live events, especially sports, make their way back, albeit without stadiums full of fans for the foreseeable future. While this is good news for streaming services, competition for audiences remains fierce, and the need to reach new users while at the same time reducing costs is front of mind for all OTT services.

User acquisition is challenging and potentially quite costly. Making your service and your content more discoverable is critical and may require allocating marketing spend to SEO or app store optimization. As users gravitate to viewing on any number of devices or platforms, audience reach may require supporting additional platforms or OTT devices such as an Android Phone, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, or others. Regardless of the approach, there are budgetary trade-offs to consider.

Verizon Media and 24i, a leading application management and user experience organization, have partnered to create a pre-integrated OTT solution. This partnership enables media organizations to quickly and easily build engaging experiences across all of the most popular OTT devices.

Backstage, 24i’s content management system enables publishers to create OTT apps for all of their targeted devices without writing a single line of code. Eliminating the need for device-specific engineers and reducing the time required to program and manage content.

Smart OTT—taking the hassle out of delivering great user experiences

Consumers crave convenience, and they expect it to be easy to consume video, regardless of the device. Video service providers are feeling pressured to deliver attractive and intuitive applications on different devices while building and promoting their content libraries and refining their business models.

Smart OTT is a turnkey video application development platform that enables content owners and broadcasters to deliver live and on-demand video content via an intuitive, consistent UI on any device.

Turnkey does not mean compromising user experience. 24i’s robust Smart OTT platform is an advanced cross-screen development framework and modular architecture that gives media businesses maximum flexibility to design a user interface to their preferences. 24i has embedded custom design options in the solution, so the video service provider controls customizing their UI across all platforms. This not only means they get the user experience they want for their service, it also limits design costs and improves time to market.

Expanding device reach, effortlessly

Every OTT viewer has their preferred device. Thanks to a “build once, deploy everywhere” approach, 24i supports a wide range of device platforms. By working closely with manufacturers of TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and media streamers, 24i enables the seamless delivery of multiscreen TV via the most popular app stores.

Backstage—the SaaS hub of the OTT experience

24i’s Backstage content management system serves as the hub of the OTT experience. It provides a UI where OTT operators can enrich, organize and present their content within all applications.

Backstage provides:

  • A rich choice of UI elements and branding options can be used to customize and brand video experiences.
  • A template-based design system enables users to configure both the UI and the UX without writing a single line of code.
  • Publishers, operators and content owners the ability to create and curate playlists, build pages, ingest enriched metadata, configure scheduling, add segmentation and promote content that maximizes subscriber engagement. 

Verizon Media integration

24i plays a central role in the Verizon Media extensions program, integrating with the Verizon Media platform as well as other integration partners to provide an end-to-end OTT solution. 24i’s integration with our Media Platform offers:

  • Coordination of live, linear and live event channels along with VOD assets into Backstage
  • Integration with Verizon Media Smartplay for ad monetization of content
  • Ingestion of enriched metadata via Azure Video Indexer to supplement video content
  • Content curation and management
  • IRIS.TV integration to present personalized content
  • Cleeng integration to facilitate Authentication, User Management, Entitlement and monetization, including SVOD, TVOD, PPV, and more
  • User experience development and publishing to the most popular app stores

As the battle for the audiences’ attention intensifies, offering great content is no longer enough to capture viewers and reduce churn. You must offer an engaging end-to-end experience across every device. Verizon Media’s and 24i’s combined strength enables today’s media organizations to maximize time to market and deliver premium OTT experiences that build audiences, strengthen loyalty and drive profitability.

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