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July 8, 2021

Free trial: Start protecting your web application with WAF Insights now

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Edgecast.

By Jonathan Stock, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Verizon Media

Now, more than ever, strengthening your web application security is critical. Web applications continue to be a leading pattern in data breaches and it’s easy to see why.¹ Most have at least one high- or critical-severity vulnerability not listed in the OWASP Top 10.² Your web application could be getting probed by bots and attackers more than 16,000 times per day. And if you are the target of a DDoS attack, that figure could skyrocket.

The risk of a data breach is real, but attacks also drag down your web performance, increase your costs and degrade the responsiveness of your service for legitimate users and customers.

WAF Insights can help. It includes the same powerful ruleset that is protecting large financial institutions in a new package that is priced for small businesses. And for a limited time, we’re offering a 30-day free trial of this powerful security solution.

WAF Insights is simple to configure and use. It protects you with valuable benefits right out of the box, including:

  1. Always-on DDoS protection
    WAF Insights provides always-on Layer 3, 4 DDoS protection. And with simple configuration through Security Application Manager and included Rate Limiting rules, you can protect your critical APIs from Layer 7 DDoS attacks
  2. Powerful, automatically updated WAF rules
    Managed rules are regularly informed and updated based on our threat intelligence platform that analyzes millions of attacks daily. This continuous monitoring helps keep your application protected from known and emerging web application vulnerabilities.
  3. Threat visibility
    Our full resolution dashboard enables you to investigate and understand how attackers are probing your web application. You have the power to pinpoint attacks, threat hunt and add new blocks to your WAF rules.

Verizon Media WAF scales your website security on the edge of our massive global network. It’s designed for performance and won’t slow your application down. In fact, by reducing malicious requests to your application, WAF Insights may actually improve application performance for your customers.

Activate your 30-day free trial

WAF Insights is simple to use. It’s powerful. It’s critical for the security of your business and the user experience. Contact your account manager to try WAF Insights today. For additional information about our WAF’s capabilities, please complete the form below.

¹⁻² Verizon, “2021 Data Breach Investigations Report,” Page 7. Accessed June 2021.

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