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Compute on the edge to deliver faster, better user experiences.

Edge computing is ushering in a new world of technological innovation, altering the way we live, work and communicate. Edge computing delivers ultra-low latency and high-quality solutions that meet consumer demand for real-time information and content. Companies committed to standing apart by offering next-generation products and experiences will include edge computing as part of their innovation roadmap. Let Edgecast take you to the edge.



Edge AI: Why We Built It.

For new and emerging technologies to gain broad acceptance, they must be capable of unlocking new business efficiencies [...]


The “CDN Edge” brings Compute closer to where it is needed most.

Demand for video streaming, gaming, telehealth, real-time inferencing and other applications has skyrocketed. [...]


Why edge applications are the key to simplifying edge computing.

Content delivery networks have enabled edge compute use cases for many years, offering massive network capacity and [...]


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