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Innovate with high-performing, scalable, reliable serverless compute at the edge.

Edge computing is ushering in a new era of technological innovation, altering the way we live, work and interact with both people and things around us. At Edgecast, we are helping our customers differentiate themselves by offering next-gen products and experiences built at the edge of the internet.



Drive your digital transformation story with Functions@Edge

To help our customers get started with edge computing, we’re delighted to announce the limited availability release and special introductory offer for our Functions@Edge product. [...]

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The “CDN Edge” brings Compute closer to where it is needed most.

Demand for video streaming, gaming, telehealth, real-time inferencing and other applications has skyrocketed. [...]

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Why edge applications are the key to simplifying edge computing.

Content delivery networks have enabled edge compute use cases for many years, offering massive network capacity and [...]


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