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You're in the driver's seat.

Customize and deliver content to your precise specifications with Edgecast's highly configurable self-service portal. Our platform is built for continuous application development, complete with real-time analytics, flexible APIs, and speedy, system-wide propagation. Enhanced visibility helps you make better decisions, while increased productivity means more time for your core business.

Rules Engine

Edgecast's intuitive interface simplifies configurations, providing more control and confidence with every move you make. Straightforward
“if-then” logic flows help you create custom rules about how the
platform should cache and deliver your content.

Test new configurations safely and securely before deployment within our staging environment. And since our platform stores multiple rule variants, it takes mere minutes to roll back to previous rulesets.

Screen grab, Network Rules Engine fields.
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Edge Computing

Deliver dynamic personalized experiences at the edge with complete control of how your content is processed. Our self-service web portal makes it easy to see and set rules that determine how edge servers cache and deliver your content.

Edgecast also supports custom Lua scripting to push the limits of what’s possible at the edge. Whether you are increasing your cache-hit ratio or boosting performance for your website and apps we’ve got you covered.

Dynamic Imaging

Deliver your images to any platform, on any device, instantly. Dynamic Imaging from Edgecast helps you increase viewership and revenue with superior website image quality and faster page load times. Reduce the cost and complexity of image storage and management without making changes to your existing workflow, and produce high-quality imagery to convert more online shoppers into buyers.

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