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 Start innovating at the edge. Experience real-time, actionable insights with our edge intelligence platform.

Growing IoT adoption, consumer demand for more immersive media experiences, connected vehicles and automated factory floors are all drivers for having AI platforms. One key advantage of AI platforms is their ability to process massive amounts of data while delivering real-time, valuable insights that streamline business processes and bring value to consumers.  

Edge AI is a real-time actionable data and ML insights platform with cloud-agnostic interconnect. We have combined our edge computing capabilities with years of AI experience to move intelligence to the edge, solving customer needs around latency, bandwidth, storage costs, security and reliability.

Operating on the edge of the network, Edge AI provides support for computational delegation, which is useful for applications that require millisecond response times like manufacturing, industrial and immersive use cases, and more. Edge AI uses machine-learning models to use the data your process, system or game provides to take any action required in real time, including:

  • Predictive analytics and maintenance
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Robotics and factory floor automation
  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Face authorization, stranger detection and touchless check in

Edge AI keeps these machine-learning models updated as more and more historical data is added to the training data during daily operations by continuous integration.

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