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Research Scientist

The Research team at Edgecast is an interdisciplinary group of research scientists and engineers that work on the Edgecast Content Delivery Network (CDN) to make it the fastest, most reliable and secure content delivery platform in the world. The team works on Internet-scale technologies that influence how our services cache and deliver content, and shape and route traffic.


  • Build systems and design experiments to measure the performance and reliability of the CDN
  • Collaborate with core engineering teams to build a holistic understanding of technical challenges and opportunities of running a 24x7 globally distributed CDN
  • Explore ideas and develop new algorithms and systems to make Edgecast the fastest, most reliable and secure content delivery platform in the world today and into the future.
  • Represent Edgecast in industry working groups and academic conferences


  • PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Statistics or related disciplines
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to distill complex and abstract concepts into simple constructs
  • Demonstrable success as an individual researcher and as a member of a research group. Capable of leading projects from inception to delivery
  • Deep understanding of theory and practice of at least one of the following domains: Networking (TCP/IP, HTTP/2, QUIC, DNS, BGP), Systems (Linux Kernel, Caching Algorithms, HPC), or Data Science (Analytics, Expert Systems, Machine Learning)
  • Hands-on programming in Python, R, Go, C, C++ in GNU/Linux

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to