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The Research team focuses on improving tools and technologies we use today, and exploring next-generation opportunities we can accomplish in the future. The team relies on the expertise of its members on subjects including systems and networking, data science, machine learning, statistics, and algorithms. As an integral part of the Edgecast CDN, the team is involved in numerous aspects of the CDN, such as content storage, content delivery, security and traffic management. They use a pragmatic research model where the research scientists engage directly with other engineering teams.

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Anant Shah

Research Scientist
Anant received his PhD from the Colorado State University in 2018.

Kyriakos Zarifis

Research Scientist
Kyriakos research interests include Internet measurements and Web protocol optimization

Marcel Flores

Research Scientist
Marcel was originally an intern in the summer of 2014 and joined the team full-time after completing his Ph.D.

Harkeerat Bedi

Research Scientist/Manager
Bedi joined the team in 2013 as an Intern when it was still part of the original EdgeCast.

Derek Shiell

Research Scientist
Derek Shiell leads the Edge Innovation function at Edgecast.

Orpaz Goldstein

Research and Development Engineer
Orpaz received his PhD from UCLA in 2021 where he worked on decentralized machine learning from live data streams under real-world constraints and costs.

Dave Andrews

Dave 'Bear' Andrews is Chief Architect at Edgecast

Shruti Lall

Former Intern
Shruti is completing her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. Her research focus is on

Usama Naseer

Former Intern
Usama is a PhD candidate at Brown University, where his research focuses on web performance

Stephen McQuistin

Former Intern
Stephen is studying for his Ph.D. at the University of Glasgow, where his research focuses on improving transport-layer support

Marc Warrior

Former Intern
Marc's research interests and expertise lie in 'one-ended' network performance measurement systems.

Lan Wei

Former Intern
Lan's work is special for focusing more about the hops of the path between the CDN and users

Evita Bakopoulou

Former Intern
Evita works on CDN traffic analysis and modeling request time with machine learning methods.

Shaghayegh Mardani

Former Intern
Shaghayegh is pursuing her Ph.D. at UCLA under the supervision of Ravi Netravali. Shaghayegh brings significant expertise in the area of client web performance.

Sayak Nag

Former Intern
Sayak is pursuing his Ph.D. at UC Riverside under the supervision of Amit Roy-Chowdhury and specializes in computer vision.