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The Research Team at Edgecast offers an internship program that welcomes graduate students to gain industry experience, help innovate cutting-edge technology and solve next generation problems. Selected interns get the opportunity to work on advanced research, algorithm design, and networking technologies for the next generation Internet. The internship program focuses on the areas of high-speed routing, edge caching algorithms, large-scale data processing/analysis, and optimization for networks. The internship is offered in summer each year.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to


  • Must currently be enrolled in coursework at the PhD level
  • Pursuing a PhD in CS, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics
  • Background in at least one of the following domains: Networking (TCP/IP, HTTP/2, QUIC, DNS, BGP), Systems (Linux Kernel, Caching Algorithms, HPC), or Data Science (Analytics, Expert Systems, Machine Learning)
  • Hands-on programming in Python, R, Go, C, C++ in GNU/Linux.

The Research team has been pursuing collaborations with universities with the goal to explore and test new ideas that can advance state of the art in academia and benefit our CDN. Every new collaboration involves identifying new opportunities in improving our systems or addressing potential new problems. We share our data, test possible solutions and eventually publish our findings with the larger community in the form of publications. Our prior proceedings are available here.

To begin a new collaboration, please send us an email at