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Client Source

Ingest Accelerator

You won’t need third-party upload tools like Aspera or Signiant, and the egress bandwidth requirements are less than traditional methods thanks to Edgecast's advanced ingest compression capabilities.

HTTP Media Ingest

Leveraging simple HTTP calls, Edgecast can pull source videos from your origin servers to ours and transcode on the fly to all the leading video formats.


A small app that runs on basic hardware in your facility (a laptop will do) that chops your video into smaller pieces of work, encrypts them, and then pushes them into the cloud for encoding.

Encoder Integration

Our partnerships with leading hardware encoder vendors make it easier than ever to publish directly to Edgecast's origin servers from your facility.

Customer Origin

Connect existing storage servers in your data centers to the world’s most connected network of edge caches and speed delivery of your most valuable digital content.

Origin Storage

Edgecast's secure, cutting-edge storage, seamlessly connected to our global delivery platform, means your content will be delivered ultra-fast, regardless of the end user’s location.


Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Edgecast can automatically scale up and scale down encoding resources to tackle even the largest jobs in no time—without the expense of hardware purchases.

Single Format

Most solutions encode your video to a new format for each platform you’re targeting. That means paying duplicate costs for encoding, storage, distribution and analytics—forever. Edgecast encodes your video only once, saving you time and money.

Content Management

Edgecast gives you full control over the placement and description of your content, with an intuitive web-based interface or automated via APIs.

Server-side Ad Insertion

Monetizing your content is critical, but writing ad logic for every platform is expensive. Edgecast simplifies this by handling all the integration server-side, reducing development effort, and providing a better experience for your users.


Grow your audience and promote your content by capturing and distributing the most important moments from your content, in real time, as they happen.

Broadcast Playout Integration

We can integrate with your broadcast automation system to enable more advanced functionality, like content and ad replacement for both national broadcasters as well as local affiliates.

Virtual Linear Channel Editor

Build an online channel schedule complete with live events, on-demand assets and ad pods, either from a web portal or through API calls.



Flexible and scalable caching, storage, acceleration, and rules engine supports the entire delivery platform.

Edge Intelligence Framework

Inspect dynamic website requests (HTML, JS, CSS) and optimize on the fly for lightning-fast page load time and efficient caching.

Rules Engine

Easily create custom rules to specify how our edge servers should cache and deliver your content to slash bandwidth costs and reduce load on origin servers.


Update or remove content at the edge quickly via API or web portal to help ensure the most up-to-date content possible.

Video Encoding

Integrating with leading hardware encoding partners helps to establish easy, one-step publishing to Edgecast's origin servers.


Just-in-time packaging and transmuxing at the edge enable seamless video delivery across leading media formats and protocols.

IP Anycast

Edgecast's massive IP Anycast network responds in real time, providing information like the user’s geographic location, network transiting and knowledge of the closest Super PoP (point of presence).

Load Balancing

Globally distributed Domain Name System (DNS) servers prevent server outages from impacting site traffic and causing performance degradation.

Token Authentication

Token-based authentication protects against unauthorized content access by suspicious users or websites. SWF file authentication and RTMPE also supported.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Edgecast's cloud-based, highly flexible and immensely scalable security solution inspects selected HTTP or HTTPS traffic to identify and protect against malicious payloads. Our security solution also monitors HTTP or HTTPS traffic to detect and prevent attacks against web applications utilizing one of the most comprehensive, cloud-based WAFs that employs ModSecurity.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

We support shared and custom SSL certificates of all types, including customer provided. Edgecast's high-performing, preferred certificates use OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) Stapling.

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service)

Built on a patent-pending system called Stonefish that performs real-time analytics on data we receive, our intelligent, real-time monitoring and detection mitigates 99% of DDoS attacks within 60 seconds of identification.


View reports on usage patterns, detailed statistical analysis and granular platform-level information to improve how Edgecast's content delivery network (CDN) serves assets to your customers.

Real-Time Stats

Access real-time data about the performance of our CDN when delivering content to your customers from our web portal, mobile apps or APIs.

Narwhal (Big Data)

Collect and analyze thousands of points-of-performance data from ingest to distribution to help ensure high-quality delivery.

White Label Multi-Level Portals

Edgecast's advanced web-based portal gives customers “instant” control of their rules, configurations, delivery platform, and traffic.


Over 250 APIs automate every element of our media delivery platform for our customers.

Customer Devices

Client Libraries

You can easily integrate client libraries with your existing players or apps to enable our single format playback and server-side ad insertion in a matter of minutes.

Single Format Player

Unique playback technology enables the same content to play on all devices, collapsing giant workflows into something much simpler and cheaper.

Real-Time Stats API

Monitor and track content usage on Edgecast's network in real-time to optimize when, where, and how your most popular content is consumed.

Download Manager

Give your users the ability to start, pause, resume, and cancel software and media downloads on your websites and applications.